1_Training and Facilitation Skills on 26-27 Jan 17. 2_Community Organizing on 28-29 Jan 17. 3_Project Monitoring and Evaluation on 09-10 Feb 17. 4_Professional Report Writing Skills on 18-19 Feb 17.5_Project Design and Proposal Writing on 23-24 Feb 17. 6_Project Management on 08-10 Feb 17.

Training on PDPW


Project Design and Proposal Writing
February 23-24, 2017
Course Aim:
To enhance participants with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to design a project and a proposal development to meet the needs and requirement of development partners
- Course Objectives:
By the end of the course each participant will be able to:
v  Understand the key functions of project cycle management and project design
v  Demonstrate on designing a project with link to your organization’s needs
v  Develop greater confidence to write a proposal to meet the requirement of development partners.
-  Course Contents:
1.    Overview of project cycle management
2.    Project design
3.    Activity planning
4.    Budget planning
5.    Overview of concept note development
6.    Proposal development
7.    Compiling a proposal
-  Target groups:
Directors, managers, team leaders, program managers, coordinators, supervisors, and project officers.
-  Methods:
Brainstorming, individual work, group work, plenary discussion, presentation, role play, and small group discussion
-  How to achieve the objectives:
Two PCDT trainers/facilitators will be assigned to work on course design, delivery and report for each course with support from training program manager and technical advisor.
-  When?
Registration from:
-  Now – February 17, 2017 is USD125.00 per participant
-  After 17 February 2017 is USD145.00 per participant
Actual training date:
April 06–08, 2016
-  Where?
Phnom Penh: PCDT training room
-  Our services:
1.    Customized training
2.    Open access/in plan training
3.    Organizational development
4.    Consultation service
5.    Interpretation and translation
-  Free:
Refreshment, documents and certificate of completion (No lunch!)
-  Contact us:
-          Tel: 087 46 50 80 / 012 30 22 70
-          E-mail: pcdt.training@gmail.com
-          FB: PCDT Capacity Development
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Training on PRWS


February 18-19, 2017
+ Course description:
This report writing workshop is designed for all institution staff members that need to write better report to respond to their specific needs as applied to their jobs.  This   course will get participants to reflect and follow the logical steps in the process of report preparation, including written communication, difference between facts and opinions, summarizing information, main body of report, conclusion, and recommendations. Especially, take time to review the current practical report writing in their organization. So, feedback and recommendation will be given for improvement. It also provides simple tasks to promote discussion on case study and feature story writing for the report.
+ Course aim:
To enhance the participants’ proficiency and effectiveness of their written communication through report writing skills
+ Course objectives:
By the end of the course each participant will be able to:
v  Explain what characteristics of a good report are, identified and laid out the report format and structure that fits with their purpose of writing;
v  Identify what key components are in each part of report and have practiced written good introduction, body, conclusion and recommendation
v  Describe the appropriate way of using pictures, graphs and/or diagrams in reports
v  Demonstrated a report writing  which applies all components of report and editing 
+ Course contents:
Session 1: Understanding the concept of reporting results
Session 2: Principals of effective report writing
Session 3: Result-chain in report writing
Session 4: Identify report structures
Session 5: Analyzing information for report writing
Session 6: Understanding factors to consider for writing a good body of report
Session 7: Writing an introduction, body, good conclusion and recommendations
Session 8: Practice writing a report applying all the knowledge and skills learned
Session 9: Understanding the principles of editing a report
+ Target groups:
v  Managers, team leaders, coordinators, supervisors, and project officers.
+ Methods:
v  Brainstorming, individual work, group work, plenary discussion, role play, drama, small group discussion and presentation.
+ When:
+ Actual training date:
o   February 18-19, 2017
+ Register from:
o   Now – 10-Feb-2017 is USD125.00 per participant
o   After 10-Feb-2017 is USD145.00 per participant
+ Where:
o   PCDT training room, Phnom Penh
+ Contact address:
o   Mobile phone: 087 46 50 80 / 012 30 22 70
o   E-mail address: pcdt.training@gmail.com
o   Face book: PCDT Capacity Development
o   Website: www.pcdt.blogspot.com
+ Free: Refreshment, documents and certificate of completion (No lunch!).
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