Community Organizing on 18-19 October 2014. Report Writing Skill on 25-26 October 2014


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October 18-19, 2014
1. Course description:
The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to community organizing; specifically, the knowledge, skill and value base underpinning community organizing, planning, development and change. It will emphasize the myriad roles, goals, and strategies used by community organizers in effecting social change. It will examine the history of organizing as a context of analysing contemporary issues and organizations in the country and in other countries. Models of community organizing including mass mobilization, social action, grass roots empowerment, leadership development and advocacy, as well as newer community building approaches will assessed for effectiveness in the current conservative climate. Special attention will be paid to issues of gender, class, race and ethnicity and sexual orientation in organizing. Field-related experience is included to expose students to an actual organizing environment.
2. Course aim:
To equip capacity of community development facilitators on how to build community groups to be sustainable impact community, especially for the most vulnerable.
3. Course objectives:
By the end of the course each participant will be able to:
   1. Understand formation processes and concretization to mobilization.
   2. Demonstrate team safe building and trust coaching.
   3. Understand how to set effective vision and mission to reach the desirable goal.
   4. Describe seed project and learning by growing coordination partnering and         networking.
4. Course content: 
Session 1: Course introduction
Session 2: Methods to organize community
Session 3: Building good relationship with relevant stakeholders
Session 4: Community facilitation skills
Session 5: Community power authorization and delegation
Session 6: Successful community management and leadership
Session 7: Qualitative community training methodologies
Session 8: Improvement of community livelihood
5. Target participants: 
Managers, team leaders, coordinators, supervisors, and project officers.
6. Methodologies: 
Brainstorming, individual work, group work, plenary discussion, role play, drama, small group discussion and presentation.
7. Fee:
Register from:

o   Now – October 10, 2014 is USD99.00 per participant

o   October 11-18, 2014 is USD120.00 per participant

8. Actual training date:
October 18-19, 2014
9. Where: 
Training room of PCDT, Phnom Penh
10. Free: 
Refreshment, lunch, documents and certificate of completion.
11. Contact: 
Tel: 010 46 50 80 and E-mail:
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October 25-26, 2014

Course Description:
You may not be a professional writer. Yet no matter what type of profession you are in, chances are you will need to write something on a professional level at one time or another. This course includes tips that will help you improve your writing (and actually get your writing done faster and easier) no matter what type of writing you need to do. You'll use it as a handy reference again and again!
Course Aim:
To enable participants to deliver written messages in a precise and logical way, and ensure they consistently achieve their purpose.
Course Objectives:
By the end of the course the participants will be able to:
1. Explain what makes effective writing, and identify a clear purpose for their writing;
2. Select and apply specific techniques and structures for concisely and fittingly presenting information; and
3. Express their ideas clearly in writing, including responding to the requirements and interests of the intended readers (audience).
Course Contents:
1. Principles of effective writing
2. Planning a report
3. Analysing information
4. Writing an introduction, body, and conclusion and recommendations
5. Guidelines and structure for progress, final and evaluation reports
Training Date:
- October 25-26, 2014
Registration from Now- October 19, 2014 is $115 per participant.
Registration from October 20-25, 2014 is $150 per participant.

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I am The Professional Capacity Development Team

I am The Professional Capacity Development Team