You can send your employees to attend training workshops which will be facilitated by The Professional Capacity Development Team (PCDT). The training workshops will be started from July - December 2017. Early register, early discount!

Training workshops at PCDT, 2017


Training Course for 2017
19-21 July            2017
Advocacy and public speaking skills
26-28 July            2017
Project Monitoring and Evaluation
24-25 August       2017
Conflict Management and Resolution
30-01 August       2017
Community organizing and problem solving
20-22 September 2017
Effective group facilitation
27-29 September 2017
Project Management
19-20 October      2017
Improving service quality and delivery
25-27 October      2017
Community Development Concept
23-24 November  2017
Presentation power
30-01 November  2017
Effective case study writing for donor
20-22 December  2017
Story and result base reporting
28-29 December  2017
Constructive coaching skills
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Training course on:


Course name
advocacy and public speaking skills
3 days
19-21 July 2017
Course Description/

What would ones do to change a policy or procedure that has negative effects on them? What would ones do to bring about long term and/or sustainable changes to problems affecting them? It is a matter of fact that using a collective effort and through a certain process steps or actions is much far more effective than just an individual to achieve this purpose. Having ability to advocate is therefore very important for those groups of people. This course will provide you with the knowledge of know-how and equip you with some skills to do that.
Target learners:
Managers and staff at all levels of any institution; e.g., private companies, NGOs government and even students. 
At the completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
1)        explain what is meant by advocacy;
2)        identify a workable process steps to take towards achieving their purpose of advocacy;
3)        present their ideas in public with confidence
Key Topics/

o   The concept of advocacy
o   The advocacy steps or cycle
o   Tool to analyze problems or issues
o   Generating goal and objectives for advocacy
o   Planning the activities
o   How to get ideas across in public
Training methodology:

Practice exercises, group discussion, and presentation will be used as the core methods in this course to provide participants with some experiences and confidence as well as to equip them with some skills necessary for advocacy purposes.    
Either English or Khmer depending on the learners’ preferences
 Phnom Penh (PCDT training room)
Course fee

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